Nutrition: A Gimmick, Scam or Necessity?

When it comes to nutrition, almost every single human alive have their own opinions towards the matter and some even claim to be the content expert on the topic without any proper qualifications whatsoever. It seems that there’s always someone out on the street selling some magical product that’s “scientific based”, that can cure you Read more about Nutrition: A Gimmick, Scam or Necessity?[…]

is milo poison

Is Milo Poison??

Is Milo Poison? So recently, the CEO of mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani not too long ago, posted a video in conjunction with the NEW YORK TIMES article titled: “In Asia’s Fattest Country, Nutritionists Take Money From Food Giants”. In the video he expresses that big multinational companies like Nestle, are intentionally adding excessive amounts of sugar, Read more about Is Milo Poison??[…]