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Kitchen Gadgets: Baking Steel


Baking steel, a MUST for the truly enthusiastic foodie.

If you love baking pizzas and breads, you’ve surely come across the equipment that is supposedly a sure thing to elevate your baking game, the baking stone.

How it works is that a stone absorbs a lot of heat, although that means a longer pre-heating process, it also means, more energy and power transferred to the base of whatever you’re cooking. In the case of bread and pizza, that translate to better bottom crusts.

But they’re not cheap.

I stay in Malaysia and to buy one, will easily set me back MYR500 or more to say the least.

My alternative?

Go and get a piece of steel.

I happened to have a friend who worked in a factory and was kind enough to get a piece of food grade stainless steel, 14 by 16 in inches and 0.6mm in thickness, FOR FREE!

Now you can easily get this from a factory, for not more than MYR150, but it’s not a polished product, so don’t expect consumer packaging and branding from this.

What you can expect however is a much more superior equipment than the baking stone, at least in my humble opinion.
Here’s why, for 1 and the most important thing, metal conducts way better than stone, which means better  oven spring for breads and better crusts for those pizza parties! woots!!

You can also season the pan and use it as a grill top, should you wish to (although I don’t)

So if you’re geared up to get your steel, just make you do these few steps before cooking with it.

How to prepare your baking steel:

  1. Wash and scrub the hell out of it.

    Remove all the grease that’s left and make sure you do it well!
  2. Dry it, and spread oil over it.

    Once washed, dry well and then cover with a film of vegetable oil just like how you would do to season any cast iron pan or carbon steel wok.
  3. Place it any oven and fire it up to 200 degree’s C.

    Fire it up, and let the seasoning begin, just leave it at full blast for at least 1 hour, and then just turn the oven off and let it cool down on it’s own.

You’re done!

Start firing up that oven and make those bread and pizza dreams come true.

Stay cooking & Stay healthy!

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